Cantilever Racking Systems are designed to maximise storage capacity, accessibility and presentation of long or irregular items: Timber, Steel, Plastic, Cars, Etc, that cannot be easily accommodated on traditional pallet racking. With arms that protrude out from upright columns, cantilever racking supports long, bulky and heavy items and allows for easy access. Cantilever racking makes efficient use of vertical and horizontal space, and is often used to store products such as metal sheets, pipes, rods and moulding amongst others.

  • Heights to 8,000mm
  • Rack lengths are infinite
  • Arm lengths to 1800mm
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • End stops in arms
  • Capacity bespoke to your requirements
  • Single sided and double sided racks available
  • Available epoxy powder coated (internal use)
    • Base uprights – black RAL 5010
    • X bracing – black RAL 5010
    • Arms – orange RAL 2004
  • Alternative epoxy powder coated options available (internal use)
  • Available fully galvanised (external use)

Cantilever Racking

Capitalise on your vertical space with a cost-effective, safe solution for storing long or varying length and width items.

Flexible and Accessible

Cantilever racks are flexible too. Arms and frames can be configured to store products on one side only or arms can be utilised on both sides of the frame to increase storage capacity (Where warehouse space allows). In both cases, forklift access is easy and inventory can be approached from multiple angles for straightforward putaway and retrieval. 

Advantages of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking provides good visibility of inventory and allows efficient monitoring. Warehouse staff can quickly scan racks to identify required items whilst forklifts can retrieve inventory easily without having to remove other material first.

Whether you need a full racking solution or just compatible accessories getting started is easy...