Heavy XS 30 Frames (Assembled)

Heavy XS 3 Frames (Assembled)
Heavy XS 3 Frames (Assembled)
Heavy XS 3 Frames (Assembled)
Heavy XS 3 Frames (Assembled)
Heavy XS 3 Frames (Assembled)


Price on Application


  • Top quality steel
  • Frames are a modern fully bolted construction using galvatite steelwork
  • High load capacities
  • All frames are pre-assembled complete with footplates, levelling plates and floor fixing bolts
Frame Loading Capacities
Distance from the floor to the top of the 1st beam level Standard - XS 1 Medium - XS 2 Heavy - XS 3 Extra Heavy - M1
1000mm 6,600kg 10,500kg 12,000kg 15,000kg
1250mm 6,600kg 10,500kg 12,000kg 15,000kg
1500mm 6,600kg 10,500kg 12,000kg 15,000kg
1750mm 6,300kg 10,000kg 12,000kg 14,500kg
2000mm 6,300kg 9,500kg 11,000kg 13,500kg
2250mm 6,000kg 9,000kg 10,500kg 13,000kg

Please Note: all beams in excess of 3300mm long must be used with the XS 3 and M1 frames

Carriage paid on all orders combined in excess of £1,000.00 within UK mainland (excluding Scotland & Ireland)

All orders below this value will be charged as follows:-
Up to 1,000mm in length £  50.00
Up to 2,000mm in length  £100.00
Up to 3,000mm in length £150.00
Up to 4,000mm in length £200.00
Up to 5,000mm in length £250.00
Up to 6,000mm in length £300.00
Up to 7,000mm in length £350.00
Up to 8,000mm in length £ REQUEST PRICE